Friday, 22 July 2011

Bellerby Bears

This is our new blog of knitted creatures,

Monday, 11 July 2011

bears bears bears

So over the past few months I've been knitting, a lot, and making bears and bunnies. I took them to our Sunday Market at OVO and they've been selling pretty well. Now I've nearly ran out so I can see this summer being a summer of knitting and sewing. Hopefully soon our bear orientated blog will be finished and ready to go too.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Its been a while...

I haven't posted anything in ages, I've been really busy with finishing college, putting on shows and applying for jobs. But I did go home for two weeks and spent time in the beautiful Bellerby which was lovely, even if I was dying with hayfever. These are some photos of our garden...

...and hilarious dog!

So now we are putting on another show called OVO at The Red Gallery from the 7th - 12th July, so if anyone is around come and see it! more info at