Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Summer Trip Part One.

Ok so, this summer me and Philippe went interrailing, it was an amazing experience. We started the trip by driving through France to Carpentras, with Phil's family.

The weather was beautiful, we had our first storm of the trip here and possibly the loudest thunder I've ever heard! Also, Phil's nephew Leo was with us, who is an absolute joy.

Carpentras itself is a lovely little town, with a pretty impressive flea market that has some gorgeous old furniture and crockery. There was also these paintings hanging in the streets which were really interesting.

After we left France we started our epic 13 hour journey around The ALPS. It was long. But fun. We started at Avignon and got the 06:55am train to Lyon, then to Geneva, then to Brig, then to Milan and finally we ended up in Bologna at about 7pm. The train to Milan was the most uncomfortable journey we had for the whole trip.

We had dinner and went to bed because we were really tired. Then we had a full day to explore Bologna. After an interesting breakfast at our hotel, we walked around the city. Its a really dusty, orange place. Its stunning at night time especially and feels really historic when you wander around it.

After our short but sweet two days in Bologna, we went to Florence. Possibly my favourite place we visited. It was beyond expectations. So beautiful and friendly and authentic. The weather was amazing and its such an easy city to get around.

Then on day two the strom hit! I decided it must have followed us from France. Florence is unbelievale in a storm. It sort of makes everything even more dramatic. Maybe its the best way to see it even. We tried to see as much as we could in the rain, after me moaning for a while because I was dangerously inappropriately dressed for thunder and lightning.

Then we went for coffee and dried off.

That evening the weather was fine again so we walked around and then went for the best pizza we've ever eaten!

The next morning we got up really early to get in the queue to go to the Uffizi Gallery. We read that if you're not in the queue by 9am, you wouldn't get in. So we got there at about 8am and were in and looking around by 9am. It was amazing. I never thought I'd appreciate the work in there as much as I did, but seeing beautiful renaissance painting in Florence, where it feels like it's supposed to be, was perfect.

This is the Duomo. Its even better with the threat of another storm lurking above it.

Next stop was Venice. Another beautiful place. Its like nowhere I've ever been before, mainly because of the water, all the bridges and boats. I can't talk about Venice without saying how much bad tourism there is, its a little bit ruined by it. I'd like to go back with more money! Its a place you can love for its strange buildings and imagine how great it used to be.

We did a lot of walking in Venice and it was so hot! I kept having to have a sit/lie down.

And cool my feet in the water.

The view of the water at sunset was magical.

Then we headed to Slovenia, with difficulty. We were trying to get to Ljubljana, the capital city, but its quite troublesome. We ended up getting a train to Trieste, a bus to Koper, another bus to Puska and then a train to Ljubljana. This is us waiting for 4 hours at Koper, a practically desserted train station in the middle of nowhere.

But they did have lovely cheap beer!

We got to Ljubljana at about 11pm and managed to find our hostel in the dark but didn't really see the city until the morning.

This is the view from the castle. I've got nothing but praise for Slovenia, the people are so friendly, the food is gorgeous and Ljubljana is really fun and pictureque. The Ljubljana zoo, where I was possibly the hottest I have ever been in my entire life, is a great place to visit too.

And there is a massive park with very comfy chairs that are so nice to sit and relax in. Oh and the storm followed us here too!

After Ljubljana, we left Slovenia and went to Germany. I love Germany. With Florence, Munich was my favourite place we visited. Fantastic beer, lovely people, great food and just the best city.

The next day, after 6 pints of Weisbier, I had the worst hangover of the trip and maybe my life.

We then left Munich and travelled to Prague......


Nina Lindgren said...

oh! looks like a beautiful vacation!

and thank you for following my blog :)

Finn Clark said...

Wow, looks like an amazing trip! I did the inter-railing thing this summer too, and as it happens, I went to a lot of the same places. Munich and Florence were awesome. Really wish I'd taken more photos like these though; they're really nice.

(Hi by the way. I'm Finn. Sorry if I'm being nosy.) Just stumbled on your blog and thought I'd say your photos are great!