Monday, 19 July 2010

Progress with the summer reads.

Well I've been reading my summer books, trying to decide which two to do the project on. So far I've read "Story of the Eye" by Georges Bataille and "A Farewell to Arms" by Ernest Hemingway. "Story of the Eye" was quite a read, although its only short, its quite intense to say the least. Its about a teeneage couple and their violent sexual exploits. I dunno if I'd say that I liked it or enjoyed reading it because at some points it did make me feel uncomfortable, but it was welll worth reading and you can really see the surrealist imagery running through the novel.
Don't think I'll do it for the project though.
Then I read "A Farewell to Arms", which is a semi autobiographical novel about a man's experience of the First World War serving as an American in the Ambulance Service of the Italian army and a love affair he has with an English nurse. At first I wasn't sure, I think it takes a while to become interesting. The beginning is mostly about the war and discussions about the purpose of war, but by about a third of the way through I started to really like it and the ending was great. I've not written it off yet as a possibility for the project.
Anyway, I've got three more to read before I make a decision!

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