Wednesday, 9 June 2010


So we had our exhibition last week and it went really well. The aim of the project was to put on a show about print and print processes, to try to teach people the value of fine print and to learn from eachother about different print processes. We had our show at a lovely space on Vyner street and our private view was on First Thursday, so it was really busy and exciting and we all sold some work! These are some photos of us putting up the show and the private view. Overall the project was a real success and we're planning on stay together as a group and putting some more shows on next year to raise money for our degree show. Next time I think we may need to think about having a larger space for a shorter amount of time and doing some print workshops for the public in the space to show off different forms of print. Also, next time we need to think more about advertising the show properly as although James and Liam made some amazing posters, we were relying a bit on the First Thursday crowd and over the weekend less people came. But it was a great experience and we all did really well.
(Thanks to Rosie and Hannah for some of the photos!)

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