Wednesday, 30 June 2010


I went to see "The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists" with my Mum and my sister, at The Everyman in Liverpool. It was really good, I love that theatre anyway, but the set was amazing and the acting was great, especially the men and the guy who played Frank Owens was fantastic. It seems like a very original and relevent adaptation of the novel too. Good for my project as well! Anyway yes I would recommend seeing it, and if you're not already a socialist, you will be by the end!

Saturday, 26 June 2010


These are some photographs of a woman named Hannah Cullwick, who was the servant, lover and eventually secret wife or Arthur Munby. Munby was a middle class, well educated, Victorian man who had a fascination and at some times an obsession with working women. He travelled around London and the North of England taking photographs and writing extensively in his journals about the women he encountered, their jobs, their lives, their clothes, everything about them. Unlike most middle class Victorians, Munby would interview these women and spend a lot of his time with them, so his journals provide a good source of research for this period. Hannah worked for Munby and in other households and they had a very complex, secret relationship, where Hannah almost played the role of a slave to Munby, who she referred to as "Massa", meaning Master. Hannah would lick Munby's boots, cover herself in soot and carry Munby around, as he was attracted to her strength and her work. Munby took many photographs of Hannah in all different costumes and poses. (above she is posing as a slave, a man and a general maid) When they eventually married in secret, Munby wanted to make Hannah into a Lady. She refused, which caused the couple to seperate and live independant lives until their deaths. For my project, Munby's in depth journals provide a great research point and will give me a huge insight into working women's lives and the attitudes of the middle classes towards them.

Some inspiration for personal project.

End of the Year

So it's the end of second year, which is sad because it's been a really good productive year, exciting because the projects for third year are really interesting and also a bit daunting because now there's only one year left for us at Camberwell. The past few weeks I've been busy with assessment and planning new projects for next year, mainly the "personal project" that runs all year. My tutor said, because I can sometimes get overwhelmed in the research stages of a project, its important that next year I set out the aims of each project, ie; subject/audience/research/format etc, keep reminding myself of them and try to stick to them.

So for the personal project:

SUBJECT: A narrative project about the lives/roles of women in the 1800's and 1900's, particularly the women in my own family. Portray the role of women from different angles.

AUDIENCE: My family, women, people interested in feminism, people interested in the role of women in Victorian England, historians, genealogists.

FORMAT: Sets of sequential images documenting the life stories of sepcific women, working with drawing and etching.

RESEARCH: Concentrate on maintaining an objective viewpoint towards each woman and her story. Read books/autobiographies to find refernces that support what I already know about them and fill in any gaps. Collect records, census returns, certificates, maps, newspapers, military records. Visit museums in the North West and talk to relatives.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


So we had our exhibition last week and it went really well. The aim of the project was to put on a show about print and print processes, to try to teach people the value of fine print and to learn from eachother about different print processes. We had our show at a lovely space on Vyner street and our private view was on First Thursday, so it was really busy and exciting and we all sold some work! These are some photos of us putting up the show and the private view. Overall the project was a real success and we're planning on stay together as a group and putting some more shows on next year to raise money for our degree show. Next time I think we may need to think about having a larger space for a shorter amount of time and doing some print workshops for the public in the space to show off different forms of print. Also, next time we need to think more about advertising the show properly as although James and Liam made some amazing posters, we were relying a bit on the First Thursday crowd and over the weekend less people came. But it was a great experience and we all did really well.
(Thanks to Rosie and Hannah for some of the photos!)

Tuesday, 8 June 2010