Thursday, 27 May 2010


Freshly Pressed!
Private View Thursday 3rd June at the Degree Gallery.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

EGP Etch

For our group project we're putting on a print show on Vyner Street so at the moment I've been busy making some prints for it. They're sort of an extension of the work I did for Pefume. I was looking at glass and the textures and tones within pieces of glass. I did some etchings of bottle tops for the book jacket and enjoyed making them so I'm carrying that theme into the group project. I've been looking at different textures, mainly stone, glass and water and been tring to just draw the marks in them to create tone and texture. Then I've been transferring the drawings into shapes, mainly circles and triangles, so that the textures and tones become drawings in themselves, without it being obvious what the object is, and etching the drawings. I hope that makes sense!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Thinking about Drawing

"For three days now, I have sat in front of the same piece of paper, just staring at it. The surface of the paper seems to be so unbelievably white, clean, untouched, perfect and yes, so pure. Yet I am certain that this is an illusion. For I am also dimly aware that the paper's all too apparent hygeine masks a dirty secret, a permanent cloying stain, that simply will not go away. Today though, I cannot tell you why, but something has changed, and so I draw a line."
Gordon Shrigley

"It should be said that an intelligent and expreienced artist can pour more of his great abilities and art into modest productions that are sketchy and unfinished than many do in their large works. Only really great artists will see that I am speaking the truth with this strange remark."
Albrecht Durer

"You can express all kinds of ideas that might otherwise be lost - delights, frustrations, whatever torments you or pleases you."
David Hockney

"I draw sitting at a table. While drawing I am surrounded by many objects, the largest of which is the building I inhabit, in which I now sit in a small compartment of the overall object. Within my compartment there are many smaller objects, that appear to have a utilitarian function and so remain largely silent, others, though, need only a glance in their general direction, to invite a litany of unresolved stories to remorselessly pour out. To be able to draw though, I have to, over the space of two or three days, construct a veil to cover the constant clamour that surrounds me. I have to silence all. It is only within this silence that I am really able to draw."
Gordon Shrigley

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Monday, 3 May 2010