Wednesday, 3 March 2010


ie: External Group Project.
So we're doing a project outside of college in groups. At first I wasn't looking forward to it, but once I decided what I wanted to do and found some other people who wanted to do it too, its got really exciting.
We are planning on making a publication/exhibition about the value of print and the importance of craft in such a digital age. Our aim is to learn some new types of printing from eachother as we're all interested in different areas of print and to also hopefully get the people who come to the show to enjoy and appreciate fine print too. We're hoping to make/get from somewhere some kind of printing press, so that we can physically print our publications in the space, with our other work around us. I think its going to be really fun to do and also really motivating to have a group of people with the same interests enjoying producing work together and possibly continue to after the project is over.
All in all I'm very excited.

Anyway, in the spirit of printed matter, here are some images of books/prints/publications that I've come across on various websites that I think are really good.

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