Sunday, 28 February 2010

Glass again

The beginnings of the project for Penguin has got me a little interested in glass. At first I wanted to stay away from glass bottles as they've been used on "Perfume" covers before and are a bit predictable. Then I decided I wanted to make a pattern that will cover the whole book jacket. It needs to be busy and overpowering, but with some irregularity, representative of Grenouille's position in the novel. I want the pattern to hint at Grenouille's surroundings, the fact that he is scentless in a world of scent only he can comprehend. So I'm planning to construct this pattern from elements of the drawings I've been doing of glass, reflections and the form of glass structures. Possibly using colour to make a section of the pattern stand out. Above are some drawings experimenting with the idea of one symbol repeated but I think the final pattern needs to be more overwhelming, with no gaps or space. More to come.

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