Sunday, 17 January 2010


The beginnings fo my research for "Publish"

We've been set a project called "Publish". We have to produce a book and make ten copies of it, considering the content, audience and distribution. I want to make a book about irish mythology, mainly because I've been reading a few books that I read when I was a child about Irish folklore and the stories are really good. Also, I've been researching my family tree with my sister and have found that more of our family came from Ireland than we knew about, so Ive been getting more interested in Ireland's history. We went to New York recently as well and I have been reading about the mass immigration of the irish to America and the history of that era. I've grown up in a family that has always been a bit infatuated with Irish culture, polotics and history, so I've always wanted to make some work in response to that and this seems to be the perfect opportunity.
So far I have been researching Irish Gods and Godesses and have chosen 15 that I think are the most interesting, or that I knew of as a child or that I think reflect an characteristic synonymous with the Irish. I am planning to make a form of picture book, with only a simple description of each God I have chosen, and an image of my idea of what they would look like. I'm basing my illustrations on what I have read about each God or Goddess, but am also going to look up some other artists representations as reference.

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