Tuesday, 3 November 2009

9 Images

I finally decided how I wanted to make the final images for the Fiction project. The monoprinting I had done earlier in the week helped to make me consider the composition of the images. With a little encouragement from Philippe, I decided to place coloured shapes on the page to describe the setting and monoprint objects over the top that are important to the whole story. This is what they ended up looking like. I think they could've been better, using a different type of printing would have worked better to make them more clean. For the next project I want to try out etching, as I think it would give a similar effect as monoprinting but be more contolled.


I was feeling a bit stuck with the project this week. The aim is to make 9 images for the book and I had a few ideas but I wasn't sure how to develop them. I wanted to make the final images about the objects within the book and also about the landscape Madame Bovary is set in. To try to get some basic ideas down, I did some monoprinting. From other drawings I had done throughout the project, I drew mostly shapes and marks that I thought were important to the novel and that I wanted to work with.