Tuesday, 23 June 2009

JUMP THE SHARK monoprint workshop

As part of the show we asked the public to play consequences and post their drawings in a post box in the foyer. Then we monoprinted their drawings and put them up in the corridor leading to the Badminton Court. Here's some of the work.

JUMP THE SHARK shuttlecock people worshop

We did a shuttlecock people workshop where us and the public made characters out of shuttlecocks. These are photos of what we made. I really enjoyed this workshop and it was great watching children create elaborate people.

JUMP THE SHARK workshops

As part of Jump the Shark we did some workshops with the public to generate some more work. It was a really worthwhile experience, especially working with children, and something I'd like to do more of next year. Its a shame more people from the course didn't get involved because it was great fun making the work and being able to use glitter and pipecleaners again!A BIG THANKYOU to Cressida and Billie for organising the workshops and getting such good materials for us to work with.Thanks again to Joh for taking the photos and here are some of them for the weekend...


We are putting on on an exhibition called "Jump the Shark" at Camberwell Leisure Centre as part of Camberwell Arts Festival and as an end of year show for the 1st year.
Its an old victorian building and the brief was to either make something as a response to the space or something to do with sports/excercise. We are showing work in the Pool Viewing area and the Badminton court mainly but also running workshops with the public to generate more work.
I decided to make something 3D and came up with the idea of using shuttlecocks to link with the badminton court. Will a bit of help from Philippe, I ended up making a shuttlecock chandelier to hang over the court. Unfortunetly, due to "health and safety reasons" this wasn't possible so it has ended up being sort of a wall hanging. To be honest I was a bit dissapointed about that because the interior looks great when light shines through it and the initial idea was that people would be able to look up through it. But never mind. I think it would've been a bit lost in the large space above the court and I'm happy with what it looks like on the wall now.
This is a photo I have of it (thanks to Joh for taking it) and there will be more to follow once I have some developed.
But anyway yes the show is looking really good at the moment and everyones work looks brilliant!