Wednesday, 6 May 2009

V&A Day

I found out on the internet that Edith's jewellery was in the V&A, so I went to try and find it. When I got there I was a little bit disapointed because all that was there was 3 of her rings. I wouldn't have minded if you could see them well but the room was quite dark, they were about a meter away behind the glass and you could only see the front of them. All I did was this one drawing.

But then we saw that there was an exhibition of hats by Stephen Jones on and seen as Edith was into turbans, we went to that instead. And it was really good. I've never been a fan of wearing hats but these hats were amazing. You do have to pay to see it and it is all hats, but if you like fashion exhibitions or even just interesting objects I'd say go and see it.
AND it had lots of turbans to draw...

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Darryl Clifton said...

Hello Alice

think that the drawings look good, really great research material. Keep it up.