Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Congress - "Everything and the kitchen sink."

Congress is governed by five main objectives, being; to collect, record, explore, observe and absorb. We are a travelling community of hoarders, whose culture is transient, a reaction to the environments we travel through.

We are a democratic society, working with each other to fulfil our obsessive nature. Each individual plays a specific role in Congress, maintaining order through categorising our objects and ourselves.

Regarding welfare, we believe that the key to our society’s contentment is health, prosperity, freedom and intellectual stimulation.

We uphold a strong sense of freedom through our nomadic tendencies, travelling through areas, acquiring our objects and mapping covered territories according to what we accumulate.
Congress has unconventional methods of categorising. We value objects according to a hierarchy of shape, size and colour.

As a passive, non-evangelical society, we have no desire to increase in size in terms of population, and while we have no intention to attack other societies, we will stop at nothing to protect our possessions.

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