Thursday, 5 March 2009


Now that we are in social groups we are making a manifesto that outlines the beliefs and objectives of our society.

As we are all collectors in my group, we have decided to be a nomadic society that travels around looking for objects worthy of collecting. Whilst travelling we are re-mapping the country, marking places based on whether or not they're suitable places to collect and if there are things worth collecting there. We have decided our culture is based around the knowledge and beliefs we encounter on our travels, so for example, we have a religion that is pieced together from many religions we have experienced. Our economy is centered around trading objects and there is no real hierachy within our society, we all have equal roles and have certain areas we take care of.

Our main objectives are:

  • collect
  • record
  • explore
  • observe
  • absorb

I did some research on travelling societies and nomadic groups. A huge part of their custom is to collect and to carry posessions along with them, which fits perfectly with our beings. There is no written record of when the first nomadic community began but there are 30 - 40 million travellers in the world today. Also there are specific languages and dialects spoken only by travellers, which is something I think our society could adopt, some kind of written language only understandable by memebers of the group.

Anyway, these are some images I've been looking at connected to nomadic communities and their way of life

Nomadic Dwellings.

Nomadic Communities

Traditional images of travellers.

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