Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Locks, Keys, Buttons and the beginnings of a costume.

Drawings from The Wellcome Collection

The Horniman Museum's Collection of Musical Insturments

During my group review, Johanna suggested I should go to some museums and look at other people's collections, so me and Phil went to The Horniman Museum. I'd been before but never to the musical instruments bit and I'd definitely recommend it.


These are images from my sketchbook from the beginning of the author project. I started this by drawing things around me and now I've began to see a pattern in what I've been drawing, mainly groups of things. My group review was really helpful for this as I was a bit worried that I was focusing on objects that I needed around me and nothing psychological, but then I realised that one of my main things I need to survive is to have my own belongings around me and to make a place feel like home.

Some more research for Object.


For the first part of this project we were asked to find out as much as we could about a chair of our choice. Here is some of the research I did about my chair. It's called the Djinn Chair and it was designed by Olivier Mourgue in 1965. It is highly influenced by the Space Age and was used in "2001: A Space Odyssey", but unfortunetly Stanley Kubrick destroyed all of the chairs used as part of the set after the film was made so that they couldn't fall into the hands of "lesser directors". It is named after an islamic spirit called a Djinn, who is a shape shifting being that can bring on sickness, poverty and general bad luck!

Old Photos from Paris

I think everyone who went to Paris ended up buying a few of these. I reallyt like old photographs and I've got loads of my own family. I think some of them have a kind of spooky, haunting quality to them and others I like simply because they make me laugh.

VIsual Universe/Image Kit.

We were asked to make a visual universe that contained anything and everything we know. We then used this to develop an image kit and make work with different elements of it. I mainly gathered imagery from books and photogrraphs to begin with, then I added objects into the kit aswell, and catergorised what I had as best I could. I think it worked out pretty well and it ended up being really useful!