Friday, 11 December 2009


I finally did the etching workshop and these are some of the prints I did. Not very good quality images of them though as they're just scanned in but you get the idea.

Fact Project

Some sketchbook work from the fact project, Pitt Rivers and Huntarian Museum.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

9 Images

I finally decided how I wanted to make the final images for the Fiction project. The monoprinting I had done earlier in the week helped to make me consider the composition of the images. With a little encouragement from Philippe, I decided to place coloured shapes on the page to describe the setting and monoprint objects over the top that are important to the whole story. This is what they ended up looking like. I think they could've been better, using a different type of printing would have worked better to make them more clean. For the next project I want to try out etching, as I think it would give a similar effect as monoprinting but be more contolled.


I was feeling a bit stuck with the project this week. The aim is to make 9 images for the book and I had a few ideas but I wasn't sure how to develop them. I wanted to make the final images about the objects within the book and also about the landscape Madame Bovary is set in. To try to get some basic ideas down, I did some monoprinting. From other drawings I had done throughout the project, I drew mostly shapes and marks that I thought were important to the novel and that I wanted to work with.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Pierre Bonnard

Pete Talked about Pierre Bonnard in the first drawing workshop. When I am making the 9 images for Madame Bovary, I want to concentrate on the importance of objects within the novel and how they link the book together. It is useful to look at Bonnard's paintings as they are rich and textured, yet the subtle representation of certain objects within the composition give those objects extra meaning and importance. I would like my final images to have depth and texture but also for the object to be clear within the composition.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Everything in one drawing.

Everything Bovary all at once.

Drawing from film.

On Monday we did a workshop about drawing from film. It was really useful and made me really loosen up with my drawings. I had a film of Madame Bovary already so I did some drawings from it using some techniques we had gone through at the workshop. I timed myself and only spent 10 minutes on each one, using bold, heavy medias.


Sequencing Bovary Books.

We got set a brief to make four small books that deal with one event within our novels and to concentrate on sequencing the imagery. I decided to work with some photographs I'd taken over summer for the project and the section of Madame Bovary where Emma is sneaking to her lover's house early in the morning. It took a while to get these right and I'm still not completely satifsfied but this is how they ended up.


the view from my window at home x2.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009