Tuesday, 16 December 2008


"Children too fat to fit school chairs."

I really enjoyed this part of the sign project as I’d finally got to grips with the image kit and was beginning to get used to using objects to make images. I chose the headline “CHILDREN TOO FAT TO FIT SCHOOLCHAIRS” to base my images around, mainly because it’s a simple headline that gets straight to the point. I had a big collection of buttons at home and decided to make the children out of them for my roughs. I think it was within this part of the project that I realised the advantages of making roughs, even if they are simple line drawings, and being able to choose from lots of ideas to make sure the final ones are the best. When it came to making the final image, I added some gold buttons and coloured the children in to make it look like they were wearing some kind of school uniform.

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