Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Drawings from Paris.

We went to Paris! And although I didn’t really stick to the brief on this one, I did do some drawings. I liked drawing the buildings mostly and the skulls at the catechums where amazing. I like these drawings and am planning to do something with them at some point.


"The Rat in the Skull."

Again, I think by this point in the sign project I’d realised the point of having an image kit and being able to reuse parts of it and move it around to make new images. This is the poster I made for the headline “RAT IN THE SKULL”. I made five roughs for it, all quite similar, as I was intent on using the paper covers from plugs as the skull with the rat attempting an escape somehow from its jaws. The teeth of the skull are all square beads and the rat himself is a mixture of wool, raffia and buttons. I like this image; it reminds me of children’s books from when I was younger. There is still room for improvement on it though! I think the eye sockets and the nose could be more defined and neater and the teeth all the same colour.


"Children too fat to fit school chairs."

I really enjoyed this part of the sign project as I’d finally got to grips with the image kit and was beginning to get used to using objects to make images. I chose the headline “CHILDREN TOO FAT TO FIT SCHOOLCHAIRS” to base my images around, mainly because it’s a simple headline that gets straight to the point. I had a big collection of buttons at home and decided to make the children out of them for my roughs. I think it was within this part of the project that I realised the advantages of making roughs, even if they are simple line drawings, and being able to choose from lots of ideas to make sure the final ones are the best. When it came to making the final image, I added some gold buttons and coloured the children in to make it look like they were wearing some kind of school uniform.

Tea Party.

Drawings from the Huntarian Museum.

We went to the Huntarian Museum and did some drawings. I really enjoyed it there, probably because I quite like drawing weird creatures in jars. I did these sketches really quickly, just using black pens but I think they work well. The museum was a great place to visit for me as I'm interested in anatomical illustrations and medical diagrams.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008


I really like fashion illustration from the 20's and 30's, especially Lanvin's early drawings. I love the slender frames of her figures and how the layers of fabric are drawn in great detail

David Austen

These are two drawings by David Austen from an exhibition at the Milton Keynes Gallery. The main reason why I like them is because of their simplicity and how the shape of the face and body is shown through blurry tones.

Shoes: "Two Extremes: The Womanish and The Mannish"
I found these images in a book about the history of shoes and their impact on fashion and culture. The book contains lots of old advertisements but these from 1901 are my favourite. I like how they were drawn to show how footwear was evolving and also the repetition of a similar shape with subtle changes.

Sarah Beetson
I like a lot of Sarah Beetson's illustrations as I'm interested in using stitching within my own work to give a drawing more depth. I like how she uses buttons, pins and bits of text within her drawings.

Claire Heathcote
Again I like how Claire Heathcote uses embroidery as a way of drawing and how she leaves loose threads hanging from the stitches, giving the drawing an unfinished look.

These are two photographs my brother took around ten years ago of our Grandad. I like them because I think my Grandad's personality is refelected perfectly within them. Also the scratchy, shadowy style of them makes them seem sort of sinister.

Roy Garnham Elmore
I have taken thses illustrations from an old poetry book my sister gave me when I was younger. I've always found them quite funny and I like how they are simple line drawings but still full of character.

Sir John Tenniel : "Alice was sitting curled up in a corner of the great armchair."
This is an image from a postcard my sister sent to me when she was at university. I think it has sentimental value more than anything but old Alice in Wonderland illustrations are always very beautiful.

Vogue 1949:"The Tarot Reader"
I really like this Irving Penn photograph. I love the image on the wall behind the women and how their dark clothing stands out against the stark background.

These are two sections frpm larger images from the book "The Art of Looking Sideways". Everytime I look at this book I find something else I love in it however these drawings stick out in my memory. I love the repetition of the hands in various styles in the first image. The second reminds me of medical illustrations.